babylon a.d

as soon as one analyses these “works of art” by the manipulation machines, you just see a mirror of our own society packed in some science fiction junk. and if you go even deeper back, you discover that we haven’t progressed since reformation times. the film quotes: the holy mary, migration, second world war, cold war, climate change, mass society, technologies dominance over the human, the might of the individual primitive, the retreat to religious solitude and the impossibility to retreat from society and of course the semantics of the passion of love. so we go around in a circle from brutality to the heroic to the human and the circle begins again. that is pure giambattista vico and his new science. renaissance.¬†we are still stuck at the door, where we left the middle age. look at the news machine, at our every day habits. only technology advanced. in our heads we haven’t made one step forward.

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