George Orwell on writing

– i write a book because there is some lie I want to expose,  some fact to which I want to draw attention.

– motives of writing:

Ego: to show ones cleverness, to be talked about, to be remembered after death, getting your back on people who snubbed you, ambition to prove ones individuality, getting away from dull, monotonous routines in everyday life, mental profit instead of materialistic profit (but money is of course more than welcome), living your own life to the end

Aesthetics: beauty of the external and internal world, beauty of words in right arrangement, harmony of sound (or the art to use dissonance as means of expression), firmness of good prose within the rhythm of a story, desire to share valuable experiences, beauty of typography, apart from railway guides, no book is free from aesthetic considerations

History: desire to see things as they are, to find out true facts and make them available to posterity

Politics: push the world in a certain direction, alter social ideas. the idea of art not being political is in itself a political statement

-All writers are vain, selfish and lazy; and at the bottom of their motives lies a mystery

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